One-On-One Sleep Improvement Plan

One-on-one plan is the most effective method of providing systematic solution for your baby's sleep problems and form good sleep habits. It is recommended that you choose this option if children cannot sleep on their own, or parents do not know where to start tackling this issue.

Consultation process and content:

With 20 minutes of telephone consultation, we will first conduct a simple sleep assessment on the baby to determine if the baby needs to choose this type of consultation.

After the two parties agree with this process, you will fill out and submit a household survey form.

After receiving your form and payment, we will schedule an appointment for a phone conversation or a home visit.

2-hour home visit or telephone service: First, we will understand the child’s sleep situations comprehensively through the household survey completed by the clients. As well, using this material, Eva will ask follow-up questions to identify the root cause of poor sleep. Next, based on the age range of the child, we will provide relevant reading materials to parents and go through with the parents in detail. The purpose of the materials is to allow parents to increase understanding of what is involved in improving sleep, including: parenting principles for the family, emotional needs of the child as well as the mother, nutrition and health requirements at different age and developmental stage, family environment and interactions between siblings, feeding questions, sleep quality, habit and biological clock, and sleep cycle.

After thorough review by the parents, we will determine what methods are most suitable for your family. Together we will build a tailored sleep improvement program.

(The written sleep improvement plan will be given to the parents within one week after the phone call or home visit.) The plan includes analyzing baby’s current sleep status and sleep problems, helping parents establish a realistic sleeping goal for the baby, and giving appropriate recommendations to achieve the sleep goal which is suitable for baby’s age. This includes detailed method of “to-do” and any details that might need your extra attention during this process.

Choose a day to start the sleep improvement program once the parents are ready.

During the sleep adjustment period, Eva will be doing a 1-to-1 follow up. Professional and psychological support will be provided to customers in a timely manner every working day. The follow-up period is usually 3 weeks. During this period, you need to provide your baby’s daily sleep record. From the first day of implementation, we will communicate by WeChat or email every day, and you will also have up to 6 voice calls (about 20 minutes each time). After the adjustment period is over, a follow-up visit will be given to further adjust and fine tuning baby’s sleep pattern.


Through Family questionnaire — First communication — Develop a sleep plan — Communicate again — Parents prepare for work — Determine and begin to implement a sleep program — Return visit

This sleep consultation process is the most comprehensive, intuitive, and accurate, as well as the most suitable professional sleep program for your family.

Guidance and recommendations during the adjustment period can promptly ensure that program implementation are being carried out in the right way. If the baby has any physical changes during the program, such as illness, teeth growth, exercise sleep regression period, etc., it is also possible to make adjustments in a timely manner. Eva not only gives professional advice, but also provides emotional and psychological support to help families get through this process. This consultation method proves to be the fastest and most effective in terms of sleep improvement.

Over The Phone or In-Home Service Fee:

$600 CAD

In home visit.

$550 CAD

Over the phone.

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