Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What problems can sleep coach help our family to solve?

  • Your baby often wakes up multiple times throughout the night. Your paediatrician may say that your baby has insomnia.
  • Your baby can sleep for an hour while you’re holding him/her, but they wake up once you put him/her on the bed.
  • You are overwhelmed with so many different sleep books and advice and you don’t know where to start.
  • Your baby wakes up really early (usually before 6 AM), and he/she needs to be breastfed to fall asleep again.
  • Your baby takes really short naps or refuses to nap. He/she may only be able to sleep in the car or while pushing a shopping cart.
  • You spend a long time, at least a couple of hours, just to put your baby to sleep.
  • You know your child is not getting enough sleep but are unsure of how to improve the situation.
  • You have tried to let your child “cry-it-out” or another training method that did not work.

Q: Does sleep counselling or guidance involve letting baby cry it out?


Sleep counselling looks at the situation of each child and family, to explore a systematic solution that works for everyone. Sleep guidance is not simply sleep “training,” as wanting to “train” a child is not the correct mindset.

Professional sleep improvement program includes adjustments in lifestyle, environment, feeding and parental response, and working with parents to establish good and healthy sleep habits for children, instead of simply ” letting children cry” to solve your child’s sleep problem.

In fact, professional sleep planning and guidance can achieve a better sleep pattern with less crying, avoiding unnecessary hardship.

Q: What should I do if my child is not feeling well, or has other special reasons to stop the program during the process?


During the sleep improvement plan, if there is an objective reason that cannot be implemented, you can choose to suspend. When the parents and children are ready, we can resume the program. However, for to develop consistency, it is not recommended to stop the program too many times under normal circumstances. The difficulty of improvement will reduce with pausing and restarting the program.

Q: Is sleep counselling or sleep guidance a one and done deal?


The child’s sleep situation will change with physical and emotional growth, along with many external factors. In the sleep improvement program, Eva will tell you how parents should respond as children experience different needs during development.

After the end of the program, parents should help the child maintain the good sleep habits we worked together to achieve. In this way, we can avoid repeated efforts, and let the child sleep well.

Q: When can I begin sleep training my baby?


Sleep training is suitable for any babies 6 months or older.

Q: Where do you work?


I offer in-home consultations locally in Vancouver, Canada. I am also available via phone, WeChat and email for international clients.