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My name is Eva Zhang, and I am the mother of two children. When my daughter was six months old several years ago, she woke up every night and slept with drinking milk. As a mother, I felt helpless and depressed. Besides, I was worried about my daughter, since she could not go to sleep. In view of it, my whole family was very tired.

I did not know how to start when I looked through the website and books to find the knowledge related to the aspect of baby’s sleep. Under this condition, my family doctor introduced a professional sleep coach to solve my daughter’s sleep problem in a timely manner. As a result, it made me get more smooth in the way of child-rearing. My daughter’s magical transformation towards sleep makes me curious about the job of sleep coach, so I want to know more knowledge about baby’s sleep. From the perspective of mother, I realize how important and valuable it is to master sleep knowledge. It will be always helpful by establishing the good sleep habits of your baby from an early age, which will also make it easy for you to raise your baby in the future.

When I see or hear the mothers around me talk about the sleep problem of their baby every time, I really would like to share my experience, who is also eager to be able to help them, so that their babies can sleep well all night like my children. Due to my love and attention for children’s sleep, I attended the training and certification of international sleep consultant. Thus, I became a certified gentle sleep coach in May, 2019. At the same time, I’m very proud to be able to work in this particular area. I not only provide the professional knowledge in the aspect of sleep training, but also share useful resources. On the other hand, I can also give emotional support and encouragement to parents who are trying to solve their baby’s sleep problems.

Please feel free to contact me if you feel tired and want to know how to solve your baby’s sleep problems, or if it has taken up all your time for making your baby sleep. It would be very happy for me to share with you my professional knowledge in the aspect of sleep and provide personalized sleep plans. Besides, I can meet the needs of different families and babies as well as improve their sleep through the service of home visiting, telephone consulting, and WeChat. It is firmly believed that being able to provide healthy sleep for baby is the best gift that parents can give them.

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