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Sleep Fairy is a baby sleep consultant in Vancouver, BC. We focuses on improving sleep problems for children from 6 months to 5 years old. We offer our parents a new sleep concept and allow children to develop good sleep habits from an early age. Our goal is to guide the child into becoming a healthy sleeper. Our method is the most gentle, and fully supports the companionship of the parents. Building trust is the foundation of any relationship. “Cry It out” is outdated! If you are a sensitive parent who can’t bear to listening to your child cry, then perhaps our approach will be more appropriate.


In gentle sleep coach , we first understand the child’s situation comprehensively through counselling, then provide professional recommendations based on what’s specific to the family, including family’s parenting ideals, the baby’s emotional needs, temperament, age, developmental stage, and health, the mother’s mood, family’s environmental changes (e.g. birth of a second child), feeding problems, sleep environments. We offer the most comprehensive, tailored sleep improvement program. Starting from consultation, we make sleep plan, finalize and implement the sleep program, and hold return visits to gradually improve issues regarding the baby’s night and daytime naps. At the same time, we also put great emphasis on providing emotional and mental support to help families overcome difficulties.

If your child’s sleep problems are making you feel worrisome and helpless, please contact me. I am happy to share you and your family’s burdens, and the roadmap to having your child sleep well day and night will no longer be difficult!




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